When we first heard Gojira will come to perform in Israel, we realized it is going to be the best summer in history and immediately it brought us back in time to the rainy nights in Tel Aviv when Gojira master pieace album - "From Mars To Sirius" played over and over again in the background, The people envolve knows... assist our acid, local, rain to become more aggresive. we just couldn't wait! it was too good to be true.


The place was packed, the tickets sold out in advance . the barricades were supposedly  giving some space between the band, photographers, security and the audience, but as one might expect, nothing stands in the way of the Israeli bad-ass metal head, Some will see it  as national pride, I'll leave my opinions to myself.

The vocalist Joe Duplantier, less enjoyed this attitude as well, when pushed  the audience  to "Take a few @%&*%$ steps Back!"  to help the poor, squeezed, crew in front.

And declared that the rumors are correct, and we are certainly psychopaths, again, some will see it as a national pride, and I will keep my views, again, to myself.



There is no doubt, Progstage Productions were nailed it! 

They not only succeeded in bringing this crazy band to the less controversial Israel,

but also make sure the sound  will be no less than AMAZING (!!) and not fall in standards with ones abroad.

They even make sure to give the band a luxurious trip properly  a head, in our non European polluted air and eat our -  "#%$&*! amazing" food as Joe mentioned on stage. 
As they say -If the people are psychopaths, at least the food is good ...

If i attempt to try and summarize such a concert - Gojira gave an energetic, interesting, accurate and divine performance, who has been there - knows! Those moments too quickly ended, and despite the Intolerable heat and Hummus in the stomachs, the thirsty audience  demanded - MORE!

they kindely decided to respect  our long wait for their arrival with "gift of guilt" as an encore .

They ended the show with the promise that they definitely will be back - so open calendars because when Gogira ensure Gojira holds.

So until the next time, "Keep an open mind," said Duplantier. Less in the traditional way of open heads in the style of banging heads at barricades and security guards, But, they are children, we are children and we are all crazy children, so, what is there to expect right?


© 2013  by Tali Green, Any use of photographs or materials without permission Is a serious crime against copyright law.

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