So why we decided to take our stuff and travel hundreds of miles?

Yes, gorgeous view and wonderful people even more and everything goes in slow motion just like the cliche, but no, it's not the only reason.


For years the Israelis flock the metal large festivals in Europe, waving the rock and the metal culture as - "Wacken", "Hellfest" and "Download."

We decided to check on the equally great festivals, but less popular among the Israeli metal audience.


So we visit  the "METALTOWN" in Gothenburg, Sweden, and as the name implies, we came across town that is all metal! We started the visit in a local pub  - "Sticky Fingers" and we were convinced that a major pub, which contained at least 40-50  Swedish guys thirsty  for beer and good music, who called such, is certainly evidence that we are, indeed, in the right place!


We were excited to hear from all sides the streets of this gorgeous city, voices screaming and growling roar adorn the city and lots of blonde with black leather emerging from every alley and we could not stay apathetic about the festival that will start only in a few hours.


And indeed were not disappointed, impressive festival, with bands that we can only dream their coming here  and save all of our money for it, but for the  average Swedish,  it simply a local, summery and modest festival included around 10,000 people, mostly teenagers , and We were surprised to see that we are almost entirely the only foreigners at the festival.



So who preformed? During the festival big and loved names - Motor Head, Korn, SlipKnot and more. We decided to come to the last day and best of all in which a lot of good, local, rising bands gave their best show, aside to big ones, here, we will  mainly focus on performances that left us overwhelmed and thirsty for more -



The Sword  

 Is an American band from Texas cataloged mainly as "Stoner".

gladly she spiced with aroma of beer, fishing and  bears hunting the festival next to all the Gotic and eighties morning vibe. They went up at noon with lots of massive guitars and  "black sabbath" riffs style  - not sophisticated and kick ass. The band exists since 2003 and has undergone several changes in the band structure including a drummer who left and replaced. in 2012 she signed in the New York label - Razor & Tie toward the release of their fourth album. Vocalist - "John D cronies", which didn't took off his sunglasses also in the late evening, (maybe because Sweden does not actually getting dark) told American reporters that evening: "We just trying to make an heavy band and put meaning to it" and they definitely succeed ! Guitarist "Kyle shutt" gave spectacular performance and this gig  left me with a desire for more and aggression that have not found an outlet yet. Highly recommended!



I believe those who do not familiar with MESHUGGAH band would not get into this page advance. we talking about  one of the oldest, impressive and excellence bands in the global metal scene, so no introducing is necessary.

One of the saddest moments in our lives was when we got to know the fact that Cult of Luna (on which more below) and Meshuggah play simultaneously on two different stages at the festival, its a  big missed especially for those who came to see mainely those two bands. those two Performances almost entirely overlapped but Meshuggah had advantage of 15 minutes before Cult of luna went up. So after endless discussions it was decided (after hardly a convincing argument that we saw Meshuggah already back home but never Cult of Luna) that  we start with Meshuggah and run fast to Cult. And that's what we did.

 These were 15  heavenly minutes!


About an hour after the show we met with the vocalist Jens Kidman backstage.

 when we told him we are from Israel, he asked - "didn't we…??" yes, we approved, you did preform in israel, and for us its the second time to see you guys.

than he elegantly said:

"Really enjoyed the show in israel and it's always exciting for us to get to places far from home."

So of course I had to - come again, will you??? Jens smiled and said: "It's very complex and expensive to arrange a tour in your area, there's not always enough where to preform compare to the cost required to make this kind of tour."

Jens was amused by the solution I suggested - "well, we can always move israel here" But it seems that as for now this may be the only way to enjoy another show of this amazing, massive, crazy band.



When Devin goes on stage it looks like a simple farmer who came to deliver a Stand up show, devoid of any Metalist posturing that takes itself too seriously .. Until he starts singing! Crossings between clean vocals and screams of horror that shook all Sweden and the nord cup, can not leave no one indifferent. one moment you are on an island full of birds a second after you're down in the Underworld wrapped with a giant worms. During the  show he was cursing those who  sat, and promised mass orgy to those who will rise their hands in the air. There is no doubt - the man a legend. dreamy Sound  managed to increase the dimensions of the stage to a stadium and simply perfect creative music! 


It's true that I'm not the most objective one when it comes to 'Cult Of Luna', one of my favorite bands! but the performance of  Cult of Luna was the icing on top of all the meringues! the gloom that warped us after leaving the show' of Meshuggah, left us soon we saw  Cult on stage, Distorted guitars, dissonant slow riffs, and tons of sounds from outer space, in other words - perfection! Those who love post-rock and post-metal bands like - isis, neurosis, exc…

must be familiar and admire this band, this swedish, post metal band from umea (where meshuggah also from) contain seven members who released last January another great concept album called:


The band known for the meaning she puts in words and atmosphere of their albums, the long, slow, repetitive and crushing songs and the special structure of the writing. If you do not already possess one or all of their six albums RUN and get it. Their forth album - "somewhere along the highway" was our soundtrack in the Sweden and Norway trip. with such landscapes No wonder these guys write like that. The music is so compatible with the fresh air, the mountains and abundant waterfalls and especially the glaciers and snow. "Vertikal" we will save later for our own Metropolis - Tel-Aviv. The performance was captivating and so powerful that we soon left the camera  and merge into the not less amazing crowd,

 it felt too short for my taste, but with this band I'm sure its always that feel - more!

unfortunately we couldn't catch them and ask them  our equations (and we had so much to 

ראיון עם COL
ראיון עם COL
ראיון עם COL

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